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We are moving to Puerto Rico! Technology-based “tourism, transportation and marketing” business – now featuring bicycles in all configurations.

Digital Marketing Agency Services

Our #techsavvy digital marketing agency acts as an extension of your business’ technology and marketing department, or I’ll take on the responsibility for doing the job from start-to-finish. Flexible service options with no overhead and no long-term contracts required.

Contracts and projects are managed and usually performed by (me) Mark Derho, and a team of friends and talented industry experts as needed. As an alternative, I also provide on-site consulting in New York City and Brooklyn, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Project Management

Every #techsavvy task, product or campaign requires and receives project management and oversight by Mark Derho. I’m experienced, qualified and 100% responsible for every job that comes through the door. Do you need the project management services and support of an Interim Executive Officer CMO/CTO/COO? Without hiring high-cost permanent employee and paying a premium wage plus benefits. Consider a on-site project-based consulting relationship to accomplish your business and technology goals.

Website Design

Enhance the presence on your business on the Internet by implementing the latest website design (UX/UI) tools, techniques and programming. Our #techsavvy websites will measure and drive lead generation and brand engagement as a result of: modern Responsive UI/UX, best technologies, and content creator and organic search marketing strategies (SEO optimization). Every client, regardless of the size or scope of project, receives the best website design, customer service and professionalism. +25 years of experience ranges from large financial brands to start-ups to small businesses. +150 websites built, from e-commerce to b2c, b2b and non-profit. This creative digital marketing agency can also create custom web applications.


SEO Optimization

Grow your business with measurable SEO optimization goals and realize value from your website. An SEO and website audit includes a competitive review and keyword research.  With a #techsavvy project plan with a clear outline plus modern talent and strategies, local businesses can often rank on the first page of Google and generate quality leads quickly. Realize the enormous potential of SEO with modern strategies and the services of a small business digital marketing agency .


Content Creator

A #techsavvy content creator will tell the story of your business or product in the best possible and most-efficient manner, and make sure the schema and structure is searchable. Content succeeds if it delivers what consumers want, when and how they want it. Copywriting for websites and blogs, video, technical and user documentation, and content marketing all require a digital marketing agency and a content creator to take your ideas and turn them into valuable content that will grow your business. We do the research to understand your audience and competitors to creatively translate your goals as a brand into a content marketing strategy. Technical testing determines exactly which content marketing messages are most-effective with your audience. Repeat.


Digital Marketing

This #techsavvy digital marketing agency implements cross-platform strategies, techniques, hard-work and talent to drive sales conversions and ROI for clients. What does success look like and how do we measure that? Through keyword and competitor research, audience targeting, and  definition of  KPI’s and intuitive goals. We plan the strategy and path for digital marketing programs that perform and gain maximum market share in the digital world and your local community. Comprehensive digital marketing programs include SEO, social media, email, press release and attention to reputation and influencers.  

Video & Marketing

YouTube is the #1 channel for video marketing and the second largest search engine after mighty Google itself. For many small businesses video creation and video marketing is an afterthought, or an expensive luxury. Video marketing is not necessary expensive, delivers ROI and is powerful. Are you ready for video marketing to take a leading-role in your content marketing plan. Do you want to get business and brand attention and move people emotionally and to-action. Animation is cost-friendly, fun and can “take the edge off”. Real life testimonials are intrinsically effective. Explainer videos are trending up and are often inexpensive to make. Quantifiable “moving images and music” is all the rage, get started today.


Graphic Design

Bold, modern #techsavvy graphic design will inform, educate and motivate users. However what inspires one user may not move the needle for the other. Times change, brands change, trends change but good design endures and is transmogrified by technology. What is visual makes an impact intellectually and emotionally. Color palettes, fonts and typography, formats and file sizes, all register and tell a story. Furthermore the vast majority marketing includes graphic design; from print to websites to email, to presentations, to video and more. This digital marketing agency will creates high-concept brands and beautiful imagery that is unique to your business and consistent across platforms and touch-points.

PPC Advertising

Google Partner trained in #techsavvy PPC advertising and specializing in Google AdWords. Manage campaigns, create ads. Major  brands consistently invest into maintaining top positions on Google and appearing in search engines and on relevant partner websites. Study big-brand strategies and create a plan for effective pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns that drive and deliver instant leads and website traffic. Paid advertising also compliments organic SEO strategies by testing keywords and driving traffic to landing pages on your website. Art and science combine to find the best way to compete for high volume keywords and find scores of low volume keywords with specific long tail keywords that are less expensive to advertise, but still provide significant ROI.

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