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Small Business Website  / Local Search Marketing  / Creative Content Design  by Mark Derho – Tech Savvy NYC

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Small Business Website Development

Modern Small Business Website Development. Custom Responsive website and mobile design. Organic (SEO) search engine optimization by Google Partners member. Optimized blogs and landing pages. WordPress training.


Small Business Website Development

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  • Website Project Management and Training
  • Responsive WordPress Website Development
  • Interactive and Ecommerce-enabled Website
  • Social Media API Integrations and Apps
  • Organic (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
[/unordered_list] [divider] [typography font=”Roboto” color=”#377da6″ size=”20″ size_format=”px”]Website Project Management and Training[/typography] [divider_flat] [dropcap]Website[/dropcap] Project Management and Training Tech Savvy NYC offers cost-effective custom small business project-based websites and mobile sites. Designed from scratch or built upon what you’ve accomplished previously. Modern WordPress and HTML 5 sites built in a timely-manner and to your specifications. Determine your own level of participation and involvement. The consultation is free and there is no risk to examine the tech savvy small business website possibilities that exist within your budget.

[divider] [typography font=”Roboto” color=”#377da6″ size=”20″ size_format=”px”]Responsive WordPress Website Development[/typography] [divider_flat] [dropcap]Website[/dropcap]  Responsive WordPress Development by Tech Savvy NYC. Over two-thirds (2/3) of the top 1-million websites and over half (1/2) of all new websites are developed in the WordPress content management system. Premium modern websites are designed and developed responsively and programmed specifically for best viewing and optimal re-sizing on every screen. HTML5, PHP, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript provided as needed.

[divider] [typography font=”Roboto” color=”#377da6″ size=”20″ size_format=”px”]Interactive and Ecommerce-enabled Website[/typography] [divider_flat] [dropcap]Website[/dropcap]  Interactive and Ecommerce-enabled by Tech Savvy NYC. Connect and qualify prospects. Electronically sell product(s) to customers in your customized online store. Monitor ROI with tracking and analytics, plug-ins and widgets that provide modern interactivity and functionality. Implement customized e-commerce and shopping cart solutions that are scalable and cost-effective to build and manageable to maintain. Free consultation and no risk.

[divider] [typography font=”Roboto” color=”#377da6″ size=”20″ size_format=”px”] Social Media API Integrations and Apps[/typography] [divider_flat] [dropcap]Website[/dropcap]  Social Media API Integrations and Apps by Tech Savvy NYC. Modern businesses value social media and make it a priority to connect websites to social sharing,video and display networks. Website API’s and applications make this possible. Freely integrate with user-generated content platforms and easy-to-use social networks. Connect your social media contacts with web-based tools and resources.

[divider] [typography font=”Roboto” color=”#377da6″ size=”20″ size_format=”px”]Organic (SEO) Search Engine Optimization[/typography] [divider_flat] [dropcap]Website[/dropcap]  Organic (SEO) Search Engine Optimization by Tech Savvy NYC. Search is a constant competition with rules and standards, and tricks-of-the-trade. We provide expert white-hat organic search services and on-page keyword strategies. We create and emphasize search-optimized content to compete for 1st page SERP results and be found (1st) locally. Google Partner (6y exp.) working with Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics.

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Animated Video Playlist

[typography font=”Roboto” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#ff7814″]Tech Savvy NYC – YouTube Playlist[/typography] [dropcap]Video [/dropcap] Tech Savvy NYC conceives and creates original animated videos with optional audio recording and copy-free background tracks. Bold, clear and entertaining animated videos for marketing, introduction and instruction.


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