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Mark Derho (dba) Tech Savvy NYC, has over 20 years of Internet-industry experience providing technical and creative production, online marketing and advertising, and project and product and operational management. Presenting sophisticated business skills and tools, and a strong working knowledge of national brands, major agencies, media networks, and small businesses. Google Partner and intuitive-thinker, willing to learn new technologies, and become a subject matter expert and advocate for your brand, business and revenue growth.

“As an employee or internal consultant, I’ll leverage a combination of: *business knowledge and expertise; and *project, product and operational management experience and acumen; manage and produce modern HTML/WordPress *website design and development; implement expert organic *search engine optimization strategies and tools for top-SERP results; write *original content for websites, advertising and marketing; provide *software development management, production and QA experience; implement creative *social media marketing strategies and tools; and successfully manage campaigns and return-on-investment for *Google AdWords and (PPC) advertising network campaigns.”

Mark Derho's employment experience,This chart illustrates Mark Derho’s employment experience, by title and number of months.



Bike Rent NYC

Vice President Marketing Operations

In 2015 led the business team and doubled the number of retail locations and increased revenue growth by 300% from 2015-2016, making Bike Rent NYC both the largest and fastest-growing bike rental-tour business in NY. In 2016 on behalf of Bike Rent NYC, negotiated and won the exclusive high-value contract with New York City to provide three Bike Rental Concessions in Central Park and three additional in NYC Parks in Manhattan, from 2016-2022.

Technical, Creative & Marketing

  • Marketing Management and Production
  • Websites and Search Engine Optimization
  • AdWords and Search Engine Marketing
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Bike Rental System
  • Employee Time Management System

Business Development

  • New York City Bike Rental Concession
  • Business and Partner Development
  • Public Business Representation
  • Staff and Asset Management
  • Charitable Giving Management

BIKE RENT NYC is Mark Derho’s most-recent employer, and featured employment example.


Tech Savvy NYC

Agency Owner

Sought and served small businesses as (dba) Small business technology, creative and marketing agency services include: WordPress Website design and development, organic search engine optimization, AdWords PPC campaigns and local search (SEM), and social media platform design and marketing, and event marketing.  See more Tech Savvy NYC projects.

  • Riverwalk Bar & Grill; website: com, SEO = #1 Google SERP, and Facebook
  • GPD Host, researched and wrote all text content on website: com
  • Build & Care website com, SEO = #1 Google SERP, and Facebook
  • Water Street Restaurant website, SEO = 1st page Google SERP, and Facebook



Mobile Marketing Manager

Independently created comprehensive mobile application roll-out plans, and strategic marketing and advertising plans, for two apps: InsureAccess and 2MyTeam. Participated in functionality and design process, and quality assurance analysis, manual testing and bug-tracking. 6-month contract.


National Debt Relief

Search Engine Marketing Manager

Through professional SERP-optimization strategies, dominated the high-value national “debt relief” organic and paid search industries through creation of “Top-3 Best Debt Relief”, and similar original content and trust-building strategies. Wrote original industry-specific content, designed display ads, and managed (SEM) campaigns for Google, DFP, AOL, and Yahoo PPC search advertising networks. Designed and developed multiple WordPress and HTML websites and landing pages, including Wrote original content for press release and native advertising campaigns.


Quality Assurance Manager

Provided team management, and oversaw manual functionality and design testing of websites and software applications including version control, bug-tracking, and automated software testing, and documentation.


Information Builders

Web Developer

Converted and formatted the contents of 14 years of several brands of financial (16-32 page) monthly publications into HTML files, sourced or created images, math equations and charts. Created co-branded website containers for current and upcoming content. Developed HTML emails for outbound marketing.


Web and Graphic Designer

Designed digital graphics, and created websites and display advertising campaigns, as part of team.



Web and Graphic Designer

Primarily served client: KNEX. Designed and developed HTML and GUI interfaces for websites, online games and mini-programs, to entertain children and sell KNEX toys. Actively participated in advertising and marketing meetings. Wrote original articles and content. Designed client websites and campaigns.


Web Development Manager

Supervised 7-10 full-time designers, developers and analysts, direct responsibility for software version control (VC) and quality assurance analysis. Monitored tasks and managed relationship with off-site vendors and development teams. Worked with key leadership to determine and document strategy.


Standard & Poor’s Corporate Value Consulting

Web Design Development

Lead small team to develop (HTML) and redesign the organization’s website, branding, and images.



Web Developer

Updated Forbes website (HTML and ASP) and membership networks, to reflect news content from Forbes Magazine, press releases, and business and financial industry news.


Merrill Lynch

Web Design Development

Performed print to HTML code conversion, and web and graphic design for Merrill Lynch corporate websites, intranet platform, and email newsletters.


Foreman Interactive

Web and Graphic Designer

First web designer hired for the first website WYSIWYG ever built, Internet Creator by Foreman Interactive/ Designing client websites and supported software platform development. Initial graphic-web designer for domain registrar

Tony Danza and Mark Derho at Police Athletic League (PAL) Business Luncheon Benefit 2017.

Mark Derho and Tony Danza

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