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I’m Just An Ad

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I’m Just An Ad

mark_pink_circleWow! You sure gotta stand-out and do something to get noticed here in New York City!
Hey who’s that sad little scrap of paper?


I'm Just An AdYou really wanna know?

I’m just an Ad; Yes, I’m only an Ad.
And I’m laying here all closed, flat and sad.
Well, it’s a long, long journey
To “Tech Savvy”, (NYC) New York City

It’s a long, long wait
Till someone notices I’m pretty
But I know I’ll sell something someday
At least I hope and wish that I had
But today I am still just an Ad



Gee, Ad, you certainly have a lot of patience and courage!

I guess. I mean, I got this far. But when I started, I wasn’t even an image or an idea. Some newspaper and small business folks decided they wanted to sell more products and tell people about their events, and said, “You’re right, we oughta run an Ad.” They sat down and designed me out and introduced me to the community, and I became another Ad. And I’ll remain a Ad until they decide to make me engaging and interactive.

I’m just an Ad. Yes I’m only a Ad;
And I got as far as off the newsstand
Well, now I’m stuck where I land

And I’ll sit here and wait
While electronic media discusses and debates
Whether someone might connect with me
How I hope and pray they’ll be glad
But today I am still just an Ad


Listen to all that noise! Are you competing with all of that media and marketing?

You know I am, and I’m one of the lucky ones, I represent a business or product. Most Ads don’t get this far.

But if I can’t prove I have value, I’m gonna die…


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