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Bike Rent NYC  Mark Derho

Vice President Operations Marketing

In 2016 on behalf of Bike Rent NYC, negotiated and won the exclusive multi-million dollar contract with New York City to provide three Bike Rental Concessions in Central Park and three additional in NYC Parks in Manhattan, from 2016 – 2022.  In 2015 led the business team and doubled the number of retail locations and increased revenue growth by 300% from 2015 – 2016, making it both the largest and fastest-growing bike rental-tour business in NY.  Successfully provided the following technical, creative and marketing services, executive business development and consulting services.

Technical, Creative and Marketing


Marketing Management and Production

Product, brand and reputation management; responsible for business messaging, customer messaging, new offerings and programs. Copywriting and content development, photography, and in-store NYC attraction-based videos (Central Park attractions, NYC biking rules, etc.). Graphic design and print design and collateral: maps, flyers, signage and t-shirts. Launched, hired and managed seasonal outdoor promotion team initiative of over 100 J1 Irish exchange students annually (2015 and 2016). Managed setup, profiles, deals and billing for online deal-review programs: Groupon, Viator, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. Developed or managed cross-marketing opportunities and promotions with New York City destinations and tourist attractions: NY Pass, Big Bus NY, etc. Implemented contact relationship management (CRM) system, calendars and internal systems for collaboration and document sharing (Google Drive). Created special deals and programs for tourism vendors, international responsive tour providers and employee benefits groups. Developed programs to incentivize hotel concierge at front desk by referral, designed vouchers. Designed high-concept brand and logo: Bike Rent NYC.

  • Brand management and marketing
  • Original content and copywriting
  • Graphic design and print design, logo
  • Photography, video and editing
  • J1 exchange student outdoor promotion
  • Online deal-review platforms marketing
  • Attraction-destination cross-marketing
  • Internal systems, CRM, calendars
  • Tour provider-hotel concierge programs



Ecommerce Responsive Websites

Designed and developed (with single developer) an inter-connected series of four bold, responsive ecommerce websites featuring; a single page multi-variable transaction processing system (unique to the industry), custom point-of-sale (POS) system integration, dynamic web and email confirmations-notifications, variable couponing system, extensive website security, and top organic SEO results.

Bike Rent NYC websites:,

  • Web, UI/UX Design and Graphic Design
  • Customized e-commerce and check-out system
  • Creative concepts, copywriting, photography
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Google Analytics and AdWords integration
  • Organic search engine optimization (on-page)

AdWords Advertising and Search Marketing (SEO)

Certified Google Partner independently managing and performing Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for multiple (website-specific) retail locations; with annual budgets exceeding $80,000. Successfully raising click-through rates (CTR) while lowering cost-per-click (CPC); through practiced SEM-techniques and creative strategies, including remarketing and landing page-optimization. Successful organic SERP outcomes for multiple websites with 1st page results for relevant keywords and demographics, as a result of strategic page optimization techniques, Google-trained Webmaster strategies, and developing high-ranking external links.

  • PPC keyword and competitive research
  • Create-design AdWords campaigns ads
  • Optimize landing pages, PPC campaigns
  • Optimize website, organic search (SERP)
  • Google Analytics and AdWords reporting
  • Budget and account management

Customized Point-of-Sale (POS) Bike Rental System

Planning and collaboration with single developer to create and implement a business-centric cloud-based custom ecommerce multi-store Point of Sale (POS) system; developed with PHP, SQL databases, and proprietary custom trigger application. POS features integrated ecommerce with real-time multi-variable computation, multi-layer security, email notification, time tracking, tour event scheduling, financial and employee reporting, access-permission levels, agent commission calculation, and complete website integration. POS system is also integrated with the custom Employee Time Management (ETM) system allowing appropriate employees to login without requiring access to an IoT-based ETM station.

  • Project and report planning
  • User Interface
  • Testing, analysis and feedback
  • Integration and staff training

Employee Time Management System

Planned and collaborated with single developer to create and implement Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to build a custom Employee Time Management (ETM) system; developed with PHP, SQL databases, and proprietary custom trigger application. ETM system includes integration with Point of Sale (POS) system, providing employees the ability to clock-in to the system automatically by logging into the POS system. Featuring stations with an electronic card system and touchpad with security camera verification for employees that do not access the POS system, with user text message notifications and alerts and employee reporting.

  • Project and report planning
  • User notifications
  • Testing, analysis and feedback
  • Integration and staff training

Business Development and Consulting


NYC Bike Rental Concession Winner

Project manager and key contributor, copywriter, primary interface and winner of 10-month open “Request For Proposal” for six bicycle rental store locations inside four NYC parks; including three distinct locations inside Central Park. Resulting in unequivocal leadership in the NYC bike rental industry and a 6-year exclusive bike rental contract with New York City Parks and Central Park Conservancy, with gross revenue estimated at $4-$6 million annually. Temporary Use Authorization (November 2016) rollout. Primary interface with top-ranked architect firm “Architecture In Motion”, contributing to the +$400K refurbishment and redesign of two iconic kiosks at Columbus Circle in Central Park, a new bike rental station at Grand Army Plaza in Central Park, and new bike rental facilities in 3 additional NYC parks (HighBridge Park, East River Park, Riverside Park).

  • Independently managed 10-month RFP process; 3 unique rounds
  • Primary interface NYC Parks and Central Park Conservancy
  • Primary management-design interface Architecture in Formation
  • Oversee initial physical and technical roll-out into Central Park (TUA)

Business and Partner Development

Created-managed ticket sales, attraction redemption, and referral partnerships with major NYC attractions including: New York Pass, Big Bus NY, MET Museum, MoMA Museum, and others. Destination voucher program for NYC Hilton Rewards members. Official provider of rental bikes and on-site mechanic services for three (3) major NYC charity bicycle rides: MS Ride (2015, 2016), Epic Ride (2015, 2016), and Tour de Bronx (2015). Achieved NYC & Company membership.

  • New York Pass and Big Bus NY
  • Hilton Rewards members destination
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS Ride
  • Bronx Tourism, Tour de Bronx
  • NYC and Company member
  • Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, Epic Ride

Business Representation and Lobbying

Key-crafter of corporate message, statements and agenda. Primary interface, policy and point person for all NYC and NYC Park’s related civic and political influencing; working directly (for two-years with top-2 NYC lobbying firm) Constantinople & Vallone, meeting and lobbying: NYC Council Members, State Representatives, Community Boards, and NYPD Captains and NYFD Inspectors.


Staff and Asset Management

Acquisition, hiring and management of administrative, marketing and promotion staff. Interview Irish student-workers while overseas to develop seasonal outdoor promotions team (100+ J1 international exchange students annually). Employment compliance and reporting as required. Set-up and training as required: sales training, time management system, point-of-sale system (POS), shared calendars. Determine and deliver employee warnings and termination.


Charitable Giving

Manager, decision-maker and primary contact for community support and charitable efforts, providing donations and free gift certificates to a variety of organizations, and supporting: veterans, police and fire departments, a variety of children’s causes, and “green” sustainable living organizations. “Astoria Civic Center’s Kids Bike Race” key-sponsor, annually produced by Astoria Civic Association and Peter Vallone.

Branding and Logo Design

Mark Derho – Bike Rent NYC

Modern “Material Design” logo, complete re-branding and consolidation of 4 bike rental store websites with consistent but unique design and search optimized content.

logo by Mark Derho

Animated Video Production

Mark Derho – Bike Rent NYC

Learn about the NYC Bike Rules. Animated video design and production, with associate Rudy Godfrey.

Illegal bike hustlers target tourists, threaten vendors in Central Park

CeFaan Kim has exclusive information on illegal bike hustlers in Central Park

“We share twenty percent of our revenue with the city so they’re stealing from tax payers like you and me. It’s not fair. We estimate losing between 1.5 and 2 million dollars this year alone just to illegal bike vendors,” – Mark Derho, VP Operations Marketing



Learn about the NYC Bike Rules. Animated video design and production, with associate Rudy Godfrey.

NYC Bike Ride Bike Provider

Mark Derho – Bike Rent NYC

Business Development, Project Manager and Event Organizer for Epic Ride and MS Ride (2015-2017).

MS Society – MS Ride

NYC MS Society “MS Ride” bicycle provider (2015, 2016, 2017)

MS Ride Mark Derho

BGI – Epic Ride

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative “Epic Ride” bicycle provider (2015, 2016, 2017)

MS Ride Mark Derho

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