Website, Software and App Development

We'll plan, build, test and secure your modern tech savvy website, WordPress (CMS) or mobile application. Engage with viewers on any device, screen or network and monitor prospects with valuable interactive tools, intelligent analytics and social media API’s.

Search and Cross-Channel Marketing

We're a Google Partners member growing your businesses with tech savvy search engine marketing tools and tech savvy cross-channel automated marketing strategies that get peoples' attention and qualify potential customers. Brand and be found anywhere and on every device, channel or network

Creative Content and Graphic Design

Working together we'll tell your business story with tech savvy design and copy and original articles and tech savvy creative graphics for websites, social media, print and display advertising and animated video. Provide customers the search-optimized content imperative to targeted marketing.

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Meet the team

Mark Derho

Mark Derho

Project Manager

Mark Derho brings 20 years of NYC national brand and small business experience and leads the tech savvy professional network collective with a plethora of demonstrable skills and talents.

Mark Derho


    Oleg Sunko

    Oleg Sunko

    Software Chief

    Oleg Sunko Telephony and security expert speaks five languages and is the chief developer and programmer of #bizbot.

    Oleg Sunko


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